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CAP eFRMTM Electronic Synoptic Reporting Software

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CAP eFRM (electronic Forms and Reporting Module), a new software tool for structured synoptic reporting, delivers consistent, reliable, and comprehensive cancer reporting. It integrates the latest cancer protocols developed by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), into your AP-LIS workflow.

CAP eFRM helps pathologists remain compliant with regulatory requirements and streamlines the submission of required cancer data reporting. By ensuring that cancer data are standardized and formatted consistently, CAP eFRM helps to ensure report completeness, aid public health and research initiatives, and improve patient outcomes.

Choose from a standalone desktop version for smaller practices or an interfaced AP-LIS version for larger practices.

Put CAP eFRMTM To Work For Your Practice

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CAP eFRM expedites completion of the CAP electronic Cancer Checklists (eCC), the electronic version of the CAP Cancer Protocols. It automatically delivers real-time updates of the latest CAP eCCs. CAP eFRM ensures report completion and automated content maintenance to assist pathologists in their workflow and in their compliance with both the Commission on Cancer and CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program.


Simplifies Cancer Reporting

  • Delivers the latest CAP Cancer
  • ProtocolsProvides an easy-to-use interface with user-defined workflows
  • Prepopulates checklists, where appropriate
  • Streamlines synoptic reports by removing unnecessary data elements

Provides Flexibility

  • Comes in two configurations:
    • Standalone (for small practices)
    • Interfaced to AP-LIS (for larger practices)
  • Can be customized to fit your needs
  • Requires minimum training and is easy to install
  • Includes smart checklist with logic, allowing conditional branching and calculations
  • Provides compatibility with a variety of interfaces, including speech and touch screen

Ensures Compliance While Improving Cost Effectiveness

  • Eliminates errors of omission and redundant entries
  • Automatically updates and pushes new content to your practice
  • Reduces cost of transcription
  • Includes dedicated support that can also help you manage deployment

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum OS requirements: Windows XP or newer
  • Internet connectivity
  • CAP eFRM will attempt to load the required components (.NET Framework 4.0) from the Internet automatically, but this may require IT involvement
  • CAP eFRM is not currently Mac supported


For a demonstration of CAP eFRM, contact us at 847-832-7700 or capecc@cap.org.

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