Instructions for Downloading and Deploying Volume I Files

The self-extracting archive is a zipped file containing all of the files for Volume I. Below are the instructions for downloading this file and deploying Volume I so that it can be accessed on a computer that is not connected to the Internet. This will be a locally installed version of Volume I that will be as fully functional as the online version. Subsequent updates for Volume I can be downloaded without having to remove or uninstall the previous version.


Note that while Volume I contains links to external websites, you will not be able to access these websites without an Internet connection.


  1. Click the link to download the Volume I self-extracting archive.



  1. You will be prompted to Run or Save the file.


Click Save.



  1. You will be prompted to select the location to which the file should be downloaded.


The example below shows the desktop as the download location. However, you can choose another location, such as My Documents or Downloads. (Desktop or My Documents is recommended.)


Select your preferred location and click Save.




  1. Once the download is complete, click Run in the download dialog, and then Run in the confirmation dialog.



  1. You will be prompted to select a location to which the Volume I files will be placed for use. The default location will be the location to which you have saved the archive. In the example below, this is the desktop.


Click Extract.




If you are prompted to overwrite/replace existing files, click Yes to All.


Once the extraction is complete, the window will close.


  1. Locate the "CCR_Vol_I_Files" folder on your desktop (or at whatever location specified in the extraction) and open the folder.



  1. Double-click the "Launch_Vol_I_2013" file.






  1. Volume I will be opened. IE will display a notice at the top of the window. Click the notice to activate the menu.





  1. From the menu, select Allow Blocked Content so that your Volume I will be fully functional.




  1. Select Yes in the confirmation dialog.





Volume I is now open and fully functional.


Note: If you have extracted the files to a network location, steps 8 - 10 will not be necessary.


Optional: If you wish to deploy these files to another computer, you can copy the "CCR_Vol_I_Files.exe" archive to a flash drive or CD, and then copy it to the desktop (or My Documents, etc.) of the other computer. Double-click the archive file from that location and perform the extraction and launch steps as described in steps 5 - 10 above.


Note: Once you have extracted your Volume I files, you can delete the downloaded "CCR_Vol_I_Files.exe" archive file.