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Monthly reports are just a few mouse-clicks away. Take the steps today to access valuable and timely reports. CCR DirectAccess can generate the following reports:

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Completeness, Timeliness, and Quality


Provides facility-level data for the three critical data submission standards Completeness, Timeliness, and Quality. Description: Report displays the most recent three years of data related to Completeness, Timeliness, and Quality, including:
  • Expected number of cases by the end of the month the report is generated.
  • Total number of cases needed to be current by the end of the month the report is generated.
  • Monthly case completeness count (number of cases received by the end of each month).
  • Monthly case timeliness count (number of cases received on time, delinquent and out of compliance during each month)
  • Monthly quality - Number and percentage of discrepancies identified during visual editing

Edit Errors on File Upload


Generate descriptive statistics on total number of edit errors for CCR region, software vendor, primary site, and admission ID.


Detailed description of edit errors for admissions on upload.




Hospital Case Count


Allows hospital and CCR regional staff to monitor completeness of reporting and possible reporting gaps, by year.


Number of cases in Eureka and the completeness percentage, by year (based upon the expected count).




Hospital Submission Timeliness


Generates a report of hospital submission timeliness (See Vol. I, Sec. IX.1.1 and IX.2.1).


Number of cases received on time, delinquent and out of compliance displayed on a column chart and pie chart, within a specified timeframe.



Master Case Listing


Allows hospital or CCR regional staff to verify and validate all cases received from a reporting source for a defined year of first admission.


A list of all cases in Eureka for the selected year of first admission.




New Case Entry


Provides verification of cases directly abstracted in Eureka back to the abstractor.


A list of cases abstracted per hospital, per abstractor, with the name of the patient, primary site, birthdate, the date abstracted, and the abstractor initials.



Transmit File


Provides verification of transmitted files (new cases, active followup, corrections, and deletions) back to the user. Potential duplicate record count by filename is listed on the report.


A list of transmitted files for a specified timeframe, by file type.




Visual Editing Accuracy Rates


Provides report to hospital and abstractor of their visual editing accuracy rate (See Vol. I, Sec. IX.2.2).


Number and percentage of discrepancies identified during visual editing, by data item. Number of data items required to be visually edited per case. Accuracy rate for visually edited cases per specified timeframe.



Visual Editing Discrepancies


Provides abstractor with a report of changes identified during visual editing, including discrepancy errors, by case.


A listing of changes made to cases during the visual editing process by abstractor per specified timeframe.


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