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California Cancer Registry
Volume 1, Issue 1
Welcome to our first edition!
Welcome to the first edition of the California Cancer Registry (CCR)
, which is being published by the Production Automation and
Quality Control (PAQC) Unit.
As you may be aware, a new five-year grant for the operation of the
statewide cancer reporting system was awarded to the University of
California, Davis (UCD), Institute for Population Health Improvement (IPHI)
for the period of 2012 - 2017. Eight regional registries received grants for
the operation of their respective regional registries as follows:
Region 1/8:
The Cancer Prevention
Institute of California (CPIC)
Region 9:
The University of
Southern California (USC)
Regions 3, 4, 7/10:
Public Health
Institute (PHI)
Regions 2 & 6:
PHI in collaboration
with the California Health
Collaborative (CHC)
Region 5:
PHI in collaboration with
Loma Linda University (LLU)
The shift in responsibility for managing and operating the statewide
reporting system over to UCD has not impacted cancer data collection or
cancer reporting activities. Cancer registrars and reporting facilities
continue to abstract and transmit cancer cases as usual. The change in
management does, however, mean that UCD assumes responsibility for
communicating all CCR activities involved with cancer registrars and
reporting facilities. The CCR will routinely communicate topics related to
updates on data standards, data changes and other cancer reporting
information. Additionally, the CCR will be performing audits to ensure the
collection of high quality data as well as providing education and training
to statewide registrars.
Under the new organization with UCD, responsibility for these activities
has been assumed by the new PAQC Unit managed by Cheryl Moody, BA,
CTR. Memoranda, Data Alerts, and other communications previously
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