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What is the California Cancer Registry (CCR) and how do we differ from
the Regional Registries?
California Cancer Registry
Volume 1, Issue 1
The CCR is California's statewide population-based cancer surveillance system. CCR collects information about
almost all cancers diagnosed in California. This information furthers our understanding of cancer and is used to
develop strategies and policies for its prevention, treatment, and control. The availability of data on cancer in
the state allows health researchers to analyze demographic and geographic factors that affect cancer risk, early
detection, and effective treatment of cancer patients. The data also help determine where early detection,
educational, and other cancer-related programs should be directed.
The CCR is recognized as one of the leading cancer registries in the world, and has been the cornerstone of a
substantial amount of research on cancer in the California population. To date the CCR has collected detailed
information on over 3.4 million cases of cancer among Californians diagnosed from 1988 forward, and more
than 162,000 new cases are added annually.
California is divided into eight geographic regions with specific, identified counties. Each of these regions has a
regional registry that is responsible for the data collection of their identified counties. All of the data collected
by the regional registries is transmitted to the CCR where it is stored in Eureka, our data warehouse. The CCR
de-identifies all data received and provides it to researchers as well as national funding agencies for inclusion
in national cancer analyses.
Contact information:
California Cancer Registry
1631 Alhambra Blvd., Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95816
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