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California Cancer Registry
Volume 1, Issue 1
Volume I is the “go to” place for California registrars when it comes to abstracting. We have all had a question in the
middle of abstracting a case and had to refer to it quite often thinking: “I know it’s in here, why can’t I find it?” To
help registrars streamline getting information in a timely manner, we have made some refreshing enhancements to
Volume I.
Our first update is an addition of a Glossary. This feature eases the location of a data item or field by allowing you to
search by topic rather than number. Users can simply click on a letter to find a term or field of interest. The list for
that letter will come up in alphabetic order and each topic includes a brief description followed by collapsible
headings for guidelines, codes, notes, and examples when appropriate. Another exciting thing is that each topic
heading includes a hyperlinked section number that will take you directly to that page in Volume I.
The Index tab is another highly valuable resource to the registrar because it is the easiest way to locate information
in Volume I. The Index includes keywords that we commonly look for when searching for topics and terms. There is
now a search bar in the Index that will help you find your topic quickly. You just type the topic or term in the search
field and the Index goes to the terms that have the word you are searching for. The difference between this and the
Search tab is that in the search tab you are looking for that term throughout the entire Volume rather than just in
the topics and headings.
Finally, a few other adjustments have been made throughout the entire Volume I. The numbering convention was
retained and can still be reviewed in the left column, but it now is collapsible, making it more visually appealing.
Each chapter now has a table of contents that has hyperlinks to its specific topics. At the end of each page we have
also added “next” and “previous” links that take you forward and backward by page in the Volume. Duplicate topics
were identified and consolidated in this newer version and we have made some style changes for content and
tables to become more consistent throughout Volume I.
In addition to our HTML version of Volume I, we have created a Self-Extracting version that can easily be
downloaded to any desktop or laptop. This is a fantastic feature because you do not need to have the internet to
use it and it looks and functions exactly like the HTML version. This Self-Extracting version will be replacing the PDF
version in 2014.
We have put together two Webinars to help showcase all of these enhancements and we welcome you to take
some time to view them:
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