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California Cancer Registry
Volume 1, Issue 1
Did you know?
Eureka User Guide
The Eureka User Guide is a great resource for Central and Regional Registrars when it comes to learning about the
functionality of Eureka, especially when you have been assigned a new task or just need to brush up on current
processes. The User Guide was recently updated in March of this year and we would like to take a moment and
highlight some of the great features of this resource. To access the User Guide you first must be logged into Eureka.
It’s easy to locate on the Help tab and just navigate to the Eureka User Guide option. If you take a look around, you
will notice that within the Guide there are not only purposes and theories included for the functions, but also
definitions, flow diagrams and step-by-step instructions for each process.
The Eureka User Guide has the overall same format as Volume I. It is important to point out the functionality of the
Index mirrors that of the recently updated Volume I. As a user you are able to utilize the search field to quickly
locate topics within the document. And the standard Contents and Search tabs are also available.
A distinct function of the Eureka User Guide is the Glossary tab. Key terms used throughout the guide are listed
alphabetically here. Simply scroll through the toolbar and locate the term you need a definition on and when you
click on it, the definition will appear at the bottom. While you are searching in this toolbar, the primary page you are
on within the Guide will remain the same. This is great because you can use the Glossary as an additional tool while
reading through the Guide.
Within the instructions of the Eureka User Guide, you may notice hyperlinked terms that build upon the topic
currently being discussed. If you click on the hyperlink you will view a pop-up that is actually referencing another
page within the guide. This way if you have a question right then about a related topic, you can simply click the link
versus attempting to find its section within the guide.
Lastly, it is important to note for those of you who like to have paper version of their references, there is the option
to print the entire Eureka User Guide right at the top of the toolbar. That way you have option to keep a document
right on your desk as a quick reference!
Jenna Mazreku, CTR
Business Analyst IV
When you search in Volume I now you shouldn’t have that “I can’t find it!” feeling anymore. You should be
surprised at all of the enhancements made as well as relieved that it will not take you so long to find the great
information that has always been there. The enhancements were made to help streamline usability and help you
get to where you need to be faster. After all, it is your Volume I!
If you have any questions or concerns regarding Volume I, please contact me by email and I will be happy to look
into it:
Mary Brant, BA, CTR -
Mary Brant, BA, CTR
Business Analyst IV
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