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California Cancer Registry
Volume 1, Issue 1
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Lung Abstracting
Code 24: Pleural tumor foci or nodules on the ipsilateral lung separate from direct invasion
Remember this code is only meant for
pleural tumor foci
pleural nodules
. Don’t confuse the use of the “on”
statement. It is not meant to include the “nodules” in the ispilateral lung. This specifically refers to nodules
located “on” the Ipsilateral lung on the plural surface or in the plural space. Separate tumor nodules “in” the
ipsilateral lung are only coded in SSF 1.
Lung CS Mets at DX
Code 998: No histologic examination of pleura to assess pleural layer invasion.
Code 999: Unknown if PL present; PL/elastic layer cannot be assessed;
Not documented in patient record
The source for SSF 2 is the pathology report. This means information from imaging cannot be used to code this
field. Use the 998 code when there is no histologic exam of the pleura or an FNA is the only histologic specimen
available. So for cases where no surgery is performed, code 988.
The 999 code will only be used if pleural/elastic layer invasion is not mentioned or there is a statement it cannot
be assessed on the pathology report, or it is unknown if any surgery was performed as treatment.
Lung CS SSF 2
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