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California Cancer Registry
Volume 2, Issue 1
Does your facility share a single, unified patient medical record with one or more affiliated facilities? In
order words, each facility in the network has equal access to all components of a patient’s medical
record. Reporting facilities in this situation who share a single medical record may want to consider
reporting a single abstract for each tumor.
While the American College of Surgeons’ (ACoS) has designated a special approval category for these
types of facilities, called a Network Cancer Program, there is also an opportunity for non-ACoS facilities
with uniform medical records to report a single abstract to the California Cancer Registry (CCR).
The process of becoming an approved network reporting facility is quite simple:
1) The
must be completed by the reporting
facilities within the network. Signatures from each reporting facility representative are required.
Once the form is complete, it must be submitted to the respective regional registry.
2) The regional registry provides the network reporting information to the central registry for
inclusion on the
Once approved and designated by the CCR as a network reporting facility, a single abstract can be
submitted for a patient seen at multiple facilities within the network. The CCR has established the
following guidelines for reporting cases:
Option 1
The first facility to diagnose the case takes responsibility for reporting the case (this includes
abstracting and transmitting the case). This includes reporting all work-up and treatment provided
at any of the network facilities
Option 2
One network facility may be designated to report all cases, regardless of which network facility
diagnosed the case.
General Guidelines
Hospital referred to and from:
If treated within the network only, there will be no coding of these fields.
Treatment information:
Coding the Treatment Facility Number in the Treatment section by modality is strongly
Workup procedures:
If the workup was performed within the network, it is not necessary to document which
facility performed each procedure.
The responsibility of patient follow-up is on the reporting facility which first diagnosed and
reported the case or was designated to report the case.
Single Abstract Reporting for Network Facilities
Jenna Mazreku, CTR*
Senior Systems Analyst
Cheryl Moody, BA, CTR*
Production Automation & Quality Control Manager
* California Cancer Reporting and Epidemiologic Surveillance (CalCARES) Program
Institute for Population Health Improvement
UC Davis Health System
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