CCR Innovations | Volume 2 | Issue 1 - page 11

California Cancer Registry
Volume 2, Issue 1
Quick Tips:
General Reminders
As a reminder, CS Mets at Diagnosis is correlated to CS Mets at Dx for Bone, Brain, Liver and/or Lung.
Avoid edit errors by noting the coding tips below. These will assist in ensuring that all related CS Mets
at Diagnosis fields are coded appropriately.
CS Mets at DX-Bone, Brain, Liver or Lung = 1 (yes), then CS Mets at DX must not = 00 (none)
or 99 (unknown)
CS Mets at DX = 00, then CS Mets at DX-Bone, Bone, Brain, Liver or Lung must = 0
CS Mets at DX = 98 (not applicable) and Primary Site is not C809 (unknown primary site),
then CS Mets at DX-Bone, Bone, Brain, Liver or Lung must = 8 (not applicable)
CS Mets at DX and CS Mets at DX-Bone, Brain, Liver, Lung
SSF 16: Code 998 (Not applicable: Information not collected for this case)
This field collects the results of ER, PR and HER2 tests into one code. You will receive an edit if you use
Code 998 for cases with a diagnosis date of 2011 or later.
Breast Schema
Surgery Code: 27 TURBT (Transurethral Resection Bladder Tumor)
And corresponding
CS TS/EXT Eval Code: 1
TURBTs do not meet AJCC pathologic staging criteria and are instead considered clinical procedures.
Reference the Note on the CS Tumor Size/Ext Eval page in CS Bladder. This coding is reinforced by
Eureka IF 827 CS TS Ext Eval, Surgery, Bladder Schema (CS).
Bladder Schema
Text documentation must support all coded data items in your abstract. A discrepancy will result if a
code is not supported within the text. See Sections I.1.6.3 Coding and IV.1.1 General Instructions of
Volume I.
Importance of Text Documentation
n the CCR website is a great resource for resolving abstracting questions. If
your question is not currently addressed, please first submit your question to your Regional
Have an abstracting question? Make sure to check out CCR Inquiry System!
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