CCR Innovations | Volume 2 | Issue 1 - page 6

California Cancer Registry
Volume 2, Issue 1
The functionality of Eureka, the California Cancer Registry’s integrated cancer data management system,
has been advancing with each new release. Eureka version 13.1 was released into production mid-July. We
would like to keep you apprised of some of the projects included. Incorporated updates to this release
include the projects listed below.
Casefinding Enhancements:
Preprocessing Provider information and follow-back selection enhancements
Preprocessing ePath modified to allow linkage to Admissions
E-path case-finding provider information and follow-back selection enhancements
CMR Path and XML E-Path processing
CFAQ Filter by County
Data Items Revised or Enhanced:
Multiple Follow back Enhancements
Comorbidity and Race Multi-Document Consolidation-DB Reconsolidation
Direct Abstracting-DB Inquiry
Comorbidity and Race Global fixes
Birth State dropdown
New Reporting Source Module 73 Bugs & Enhancements
125 Eureka Bugs and Enhancements
User Guide updated with Upload Package changes that went in 13.0 Release
Data Quality Assurance: Business Rules Management Solutions (BRMS)
Three linkage Automation Rules have been automated in Eureka: Lung, Breast and Prostate
20 auto-change rules based on Volume III edits implemented
A summary of the notable changes made to Eureka with each release is available in the Eureka Release
Notes. It is located in the Eureka database under the “Help” tab in “Release Notes.” Referencing these each
time a new version or patch is released will help keep you up-to-date in how Eureka is functioning. It is
important for each user to know what enhancements are made so that they are able to work as efficiently
as possible.
Mary Brant, BA, CTR*
Analyst IV
Sridevi Alla Venkata*
Senior Systems Reporting Analyst
* California Cancer Reporting and Epidemiologic Surveillance (CalCARES) Program
Institute for Population Health Improvement
UC Davis Health System
Eureka 13.1 Release
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