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California Cancer Registry
Volume 2, Issue 1
Quite a few reporting facilities have merged in 2012 and 2013, which created enough activity to
warrant the development of procedures.
For the purposes of this article, the definition of
reporting facility
is a reporting source such as a
hospital, surgery center, or radiation treatment center, where each facility has their own reporting
source ID. The definition of
is a combining of multiple reporting sources into one single
reporting source using a single reporting source ID.
There are two types of facility mergers:
Merging of the facilities in reporting responsibility only.
Merging of the facilities including merging the data bases and reporting responsibilities.
During some of the past mergers, the regional registry was not aware until the process was well
underway. This creates a little bit of a challenge for the regional registry and preparations must be
made for this type of a change. Some of the major impacts of a merge-gone-wrong scenario include
the inability to process correction or follow-up records, along with being unable to generate follow
back information. Furthermore, your facility will be unable to report any new cases until all of the fixes
can be made in Eureka. If a merge is done incorrectly, there will be many consequences.
Do not go through the process outlined below without first informing your regional registry. It is
important they be made aware of this change, or potential change as early in the process as possible.
If your facility is considering merging with another facility, use the following checklist:
Contact your regional registry so they are aware of the changes in reporting and can be prepared
when your vendor sends in the files.
If either one of the facilities are ACoS approved, you will need to get the plan approved by ACoS
first. (This has been one of the issues encountered by one of the facilities merging in 2013). Note
that it may take several weeks for the ACoS to respond.
Contact your software provider. One of the software providers in California has completed a few
facility mergers and is experienced in this situation.
If your software provider has never performed a merger, contact the regional registry or the
CCR and we will provide your vendor with the procedures.
Your software provider will lead you through the process. If all is done correctly, the process is actually
very smooth and most of the work is done behind the scenes. Let all parties know what is occurring so
everyone can be prepared for the changes.
Please contact your regional registry for more information.
Merging Facilities
Kyle Ziegler, CTR
Above article was prepared and written by Kyle Ziegler, CTR prior to his departure from the CCR. Since authoring this article,
Kyle accepted a position with CRGC and is no longer a PAQC Unit staff member. The above information is accurate and still
relevant to current protocol.
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