CCR Innovations | Volume 2 | Issue 1 - page 10

California Cancer Registry
Volume 3, Issue 1
  One of the data quality checks that the central registry performs is to evaluate files     
  submiƩed from California faciliƟes, vendors and/or abstractors to determine  
  whether they had edit errors at the Ɵme of file upload into the California Cancer 
Registry’s (CCR) database. 
Below is the status for cases uploaded during the Ɵme period of August 1 ‐ August 31, 2014:  
How would an abstractor find out the edit criteria for one of these edit errors? By using Volume III as a 
reference source ( Resources/Volume III), an abstractor can determine what the edit 
is checking and then correct their codes as appropriate. Once the link to Volume III is accessed, enter the 
Interfield (IF) edit number in the search bar at the top leŌ. Click on the edit and the edit message will be 
Note that the ProducƟon AutomaƟon and Quality Control (PAQC) Unit staff analysis determined that all 
Allowable Value Edits (ER) edit errors (ER1138‐ER1143) were related to invalid values for comorbid/
complicaƟons. IF992 indicates an incorrect treatment code for a Class 00 case. Remember, Class 00 
indicates that the paƟent was diagnosed at the reporƟng facility but first course treatment was given 
elsewhere, and treatment as well as the treaƟng facility which is not the reporƟng facility is idenƟfied. 
For Class 00 to be appropriately coded (and avoid encountering this edit error), the following must be 
true and coded appropriately: 
DATE OF DIAGNOSIS has all known values. 
DATE OF FIRST CONTACT has all known values. 
DATE OF DISCHARGE has all known values or is blank. 
DATE OF DIAGNOSIS is equal to or greater than DATE OF FIRST CONTACT. 
DATE OF DIAGNOSIS is less than DATE OF DISCHARGE (if not blank). 
RX Hosp No Proc 1‐3 is not equal to REPORTING FACILITY number. 
At least one Treatment RX Summ Field (see definiƟon below)* does not equal 0, 00, 9 or 98 
OR, all Treatment Rx Summ Fields equal 0, 00 9 or 98 and Rx Summ Treatment Status = 2. 
Edit Errors on File Upload
(Cont. Pg 11)
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 11,12,13,14,15