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California Cancer Registry
Volume 3, Issue 1
While reading through this edition, did you think of a great idea for an article or an abstracting tip? We encourage 
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Please send your ideas in a Word document to our Managing Editor, Donna Hansen, CTR at
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  Do you have a great idea for an arƟcle for the CCR InnovaƟons? We encourage you to  
  send us your ideas or a draŌ arƟcle and become part of the CCR InnovaƟons BulleƟn! All  
  topics considered.  
Possible topics: 
AbstracƟng Tips & EducaƟon: 
What educaƟonal topics would you like to see covered? 
Do you have a great abstracƟng Ɵp to share? 
CerƟfied Tumor Registrars (CTR), what is your preferred method for conƟnuing educaƟon 
acƟviƟes and why? 
What have been your cancer registry challenges or successes within an  American College of 
Surgeons (ACoS)/Commission on Cancer (CoC) accredited facility? 
Tell us about your successful data quality control processes when managing remote cancer 
registry staff. 
Contract CTRs ‐ Share your experiences and Ɵps to become a successful independent 
contractor performing cancer reporƟng for a hospital. 
Regional Registries: 
Highlight dat quality a ƟviƟes within your regional registry. What’s the
Concern? Special projects or audits outcomes you want to share? 
Regional Visual Editors‐ What are the mechanics, processes, challenges and rewards of 
visual ediƟng?   
How have California Cancer Registry data contributed to your ongoing research topics and 
acƟviƟes. Data challenges, data confidence, data wish list? Please share with us your 
resulƟng research reports which uƟlized California cancer registry.
General : 
How the job of a CTR may be different 10 years from now?  
Please email ideas or a draŌ Word document to our Managing Editor, Donna M. Hansen, CTR at 
We look forward to hearing from you! 
Call for Articles and Ideas
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