CCR Innovations | Volume 2 | Issue 1 - page 8

California Cancer Registry
Volume 3, Issue 1
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PAQC Unit automaƟon acƟviƟes are concentrated on evaluaƟng exisƟng edits where there is only 
one feasible coding opƟon. The project team creates auto‐change rules that are applied to each 
case any Ɵme a change is made (such as file upload, database inquiry changes, visual ediƟng, 
correcƟons, etc). California’s Cancer ReporƟng Standards, Volume III which contains all edits and 
allowable values is reviewed for possible auto‐change rules. Analysis of cases currently in the 
database meeƟng the proposed auto‐change rule criteria are performed and an auto‐change rule 
is draŌed as deemed appropriate. The draŌed rule is programmed and thoroughly tested prior to 
being implemented in the database. At the present Ɵme, 32 of these auto‐change rules based on 
exisƟng edits have been implemented in the central registry database. 
A second automaƟon work acƟvity is focusing on cases requiring manual tumor linkage. Our 
project team developed auto‐linkage rules for incoming tumors that exactly match to exisƟng 
tumors in the database. Prior to the implementaƟon of this “exact‐match tumor linkage rule,” a 
visual editor would need to manually review both the incoming tumor and exisƟng tumor data to 
determine whether or not an exact match situaƟon existed, and then proceed to perform a manual 
tumor linkage. In addiƟon, the project team has wriƩen tumor linkage rules to auto‐link tumors 
based on Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program’s MulƟple Primary and 
Histology (MP/H) rules. To‐date, auto‐tumor linkage rules have been implemented to mimic SEER 
MP/H rules for Prostate, Breast, Lung, Colon, and Kidney. The project team is currently working on 
site‐specific auto‐linkage rules for Head and Neck cancers, Melanoma, Benign Brain/Central 
Nervous System (CNS), Malignant Brain/CNS tumors and Thyroid. These site‐specific auto‐linkage 
rules replace the manual work effort of visual editors aƩempƟng to determine if incoming tumors 
should, or should not be linked to an exisƟng tumor. The auto‐linkage rules will either auto‐link to 
an exisƟng tumor if appropriate, or create a new tumor per the MP/H rules. Cases that cannot be 
automated will sƟll go Manual Linkage ResoluƟon. 
AutomaƟon Rules January 2010 ‐ October 2014 
The table below illustrates the automaƟon acƟvity of the auto‐change rules based on edits.
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 9,10,11,12,13,14,15