Preface to the Seventeenth Edition

The staff of the Production Automation and Quality Control (PAQC) Unit of the California Cancer Registry (CCR) present the seventeenth edition, of Cancer Reporting in California: Abstracting and Coding Procedures, Volume I, dated April 2017. Volume I is being presented in an interactive fully searchable HTML version. It is our intention to offer a Self-extracting, version for download. The self-extracting version of Volume I will be released shortly.

While there have not been standard setter changes for 2017, SEER has implemented a revision to their SEER Program Coding and Staging Manual 2016, Stage of Disease at Diagnosis (Section IV) updating the tumor size and mets at diagnosis fields. The CCR has taken this opportunity to integrate these and other minor revisions to Volume I. Essentially, we have updated the tumor size pages mentioned above, created new pages to reorganize the Mets at Diagnosis Bone, Brain, Liver, Lung, Distant Lymph Node(s) and Other instructions to make it easier for registrars coding the specific fields. We have added a Historical Coding and Staging Manual Requirements for the CCR to aid in the understanding of the historical CCR requirements with regard to the standard setters coding and staging manuals.  Additionally, we have added best practice instructions for many of the text documentation pages. Please refer to the document titled “Cancer Reporting in California: Abstracting and Coding Procedures, California Cancer Reporting System Standards, Volume I, Changes and Clarifications –17th Edition, April 2017”, for page, data field, or formatting updates and revisions. This document will provide a detailed summary of the revision or clarification to Volume I in the 2017 version and is posted to the CCR web site.

I want to acknowledge Mary Brant, CTR as the lead for the revision of Volume I for 2017, as well as Donna Hansen, CTR for providing mentorship and guidance, and Rajiv Singh Kairon for his technical expertise and editorial assistance. Thank you also to the following PAQC Unit staff for their review, suggestions and assistance in revising this document: Jenna Mazreku, CTR, Marilyn Scocozza, CTR, and Ben Wormeli. In addition, I would like to thank the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, the Cancer Registry of Greater California, and the Cancer Surveillance Program for your continued contributions to the success of Volume I.

Reporting facilities in California should direct any corrections, comments, and suggestions regarding this document to their regional registry. The regional registry will send/forward this information to the CCR. If individuals or facilities that are not part of the California reporting system need copies of Volume I, they may download the Self-extracting version of Volume I from the California Cancer Registry web site.

Thank you for your continued commitment to ensure that the CCR data is of the highest quality. The data you provide remains the cornerstone of the California Cancer Registry.



Cheryl Moody, B.A., CTR  

Production Automation and Quality Control Unit Manager