Cover Page
Part I. Introduction
Part II. Reportable Neoplasms
Part III. Identification
Part IV. Diagnostic Procedures
Part V. Tumor Data
Part VI First Course of Treatment
    VI.1 First Course of Treatment - Definitions and Guidelines
    VI.2 Surgery Introduction
    VI.3 Radiation Therapy
    VI.4 Chemotherapy
    VI.5 Hormone (Endocrine)
    VI.6 Immunotherapy (Biological Response Modifier Therapy)
    VI.7 Transplant/Endocrine Procedures and Codes
    VI.8 Other Therapy
    VI.9 RX Summary – Treatment Status
    VI.10 Protocol Participation
Part VII. Follow-Up
Part VIII. Remarks, Final Diagnosis and Extra Reporting Facility Information
Part IX. Transmittal of Case Information and Quality Control
Terms and Definitions