Cover Page
Part I. Introduction
Part II. Reportable Neoplasms
Part III. Identification
Part IV. Diagnostic Procedures
Part V. Tumor Data
Part VI First Course of Treatment
Part VII. Follow-Up
Part VIII. Remarks, Final Diagnosis and Extra Reporting Facility Information
Part IX. Transmittal of Case Information and Quality Control
    A: New Histology Codes for Lymphomas and Leukemias
    B: Postal Abbreviations
    D.1: Codes for Countries in Alphabetical Order
    D.2: Codes for Countries in Numeric Order by Code
    E: Residency Rules for Military Personnel
    F: California Reporting Facility Codes
    G.1: Codes for Religions – Code/Numerical Order
    G.2: Codes for Religions - Alpha Order
    J: Patient Information Sheet
    K: Codes for Casefinding ICD-10-CM
    L.1: Codes for California Counties - Alphabetical Order
    L.2: Codes for California Counties - Numerical Order
    M.1: Common Acceptable Abbreviations - Term Order
    M.2: Common Acceptable Abbreviations - Abbreviation Order
    N: Multiple Primaries
    O: Spanish Surnames
    Q.1 ROADS Surgery Codes
    Q.2 FORDS Surgery Codes
    R: ICD-O-3 Lymph & Hematopoietic Diseases-Subsequent Diagnoses
    S: PAQC/DSQC Memos
    U: Data Items and Their Required Status
    V: Brain and CNS Site/Histology Listing
    W: Introduction to Race and Nationality
    W.1: Race and Nationality Descriptions (alpha)
    W.2: Race and Nationality Descriptions (numeric)
    X: National Provider Identifier (NPI) Codes
    Y: Index to CS Site Specific Factors
    Z.1: CER Data Dictionary
    Z.2: CER Required CSv02.03 SSFs
    Z.3: CER Required Biomarker - BCR-ABL - for CML
    Z.4: CER Required Growth Factors for Breast, Colon, Rectum, Appendix and CML
Terms and Definitions