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Cancer Awareness Month

November Lung Cancer Awareness Month


Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in both men and women. About 85 percent of lung cancer is caused by cigarette smoking.

Lung cancer incidence (new diagnoses) rates in California decreased by 29 percent from 1988 to 2009, while rates in the nation excluding California dropped by only 9.5 percent between 1988 and 2009.

    Trends in Lung Cancer Incidence and Mortality in California 1988-2009

Nonetheless, it is expected that 16,540 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012 and 13,045 will die from the disease.

According to California’s Tobacco Control Program (CTCP), 3.6 million Californians still smoke and tobacco remains the number one cause of preventable death and disease. More work must be done to reduce tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke. Click here to view some of the areas where CTCP feels California still faces challenges in the fight against tobacco.

For additional lung cancer data from the California Cancer Registry (CCR) refer to the web data query system, California Facts and Figures 2012, the CCR’s Annual Statistical Tables by Cancer Site (1988-2009), County Fact Sheets or any of the additional resources under the Reports and Factsheets section of the CCR website.

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