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Generate customized maps and tables of California cancer incidence or mortality rates.

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California, like most states, has made cancer reporting a public health priority. Hospitals and independent pathology laboratories are required to make available reports of all cancer cases to a regional cancer registry in a timely manner.

Why is ePath Important?

  • Security:  ePath promises to increase security by reducing both the number of reports viewed and the number of people viewing them.
  • Completeness:  ePath allows for more data fields and better readability than paper.  It also guarantees no data will be lost in file compressions.
  • Research:  ePath has the potential to help researchers find case information faster and easier.
  • Resources:  ePath reduces the need for CCR staff to visit facilities in person, use office space during file review, and print paper records for physical transport to the CCR office.
  • Clinical Trails:  ePath has the potential to match patients with clinical trials and clinical trials with patients, which would increase both the quantity and variety of clinical trial enrollment.
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Why Should Your Lab Use ePath?

  • Security: ePath is fully compliant with U.S. HIPAA rules and uses state of the art encryption methods for data transfer.
  • Efficiency: ePath is a fully automated process and requires minimal human interaction.
  • Reliability: ePath includes features that prevent data loss and ensure audit trails are retained for all transactions.


“Efficient electronic cancer reporting is critical to  patient  care,  to  clinical  trial  selection,  to chemotherapy of neoplasms… ePath has radically transformed our processes, allowing us to better serve patients and clinical customers in surgery and oncology.”

J. Mark Tuthill, MD
Division Head Pathology Informatics
Henry Ford Health System

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