Data for the Public

As a cancer registry, CCR is required by law to provide information about the status of cancer in California and to respond to inquiries from the general public. CCR conducts research and collaborates with other researchers on special cancer research projects concerning the etiology, treatment, risk factors, and prevention of specific cancers.

The system is designed to gather information on cancer incidence and also to monitor patient survival with respect to the type of cancer, extent of disease, therapy, demographics, and other prognostic factors. These analyses provide the foundation for studies evaluating the efficacy of clinical therapies, changes in diagnostic procedures, public awareness campaigns, and other cancer control initiatives.


CCR provides the following data resources for the public:


Cancer data for some regions and counties are published independently by regional registries. To obtain copies of these reports, please contact the appropriate registry.

To access our comprehensive library of CCR data resources, please visit our Data Library.