Accessing CCR Data

The main goal of cancer registries is to collect and aggregate data, which is then analyzed by researchers. Analysis by researchers increases our knowledge of various cancers, which improves cancer diagnosis and treatment practices over time.

CCR is required by law to share the aggregated data that it collects. CCR provides statistics, reports, and tools that are intended for use by researchers, patients, and the general public. This includes cancer statistics for California as a whole, statistics for specific regions of California, and statistics for individual counties.

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Cancer patients also have the right to access their own personal data files from CCR. Reporting of cancer cases is required by law and so, too, is the protection of the privacy and confidentiality of this sensitive data. No data may be used to identify individuals with cancer. Maintaining this confidentiality is one of our highest priorities.

This section of the site includes the following resources:

Data for Researchers

  • CCR Policies and Procedures for Access to and Disclosure of Confidential Data
  • How to request CCR data

Patient Record Requests

  • Patient record request form
  • Patient record checklist

Resources for the Public

  • Cancer statistics and fact sheets
  • Reports about cancer including special topics related to cancer in California
  • Publications using CCR data
  • Links to interactive websites that provide access to a wide range of cancer statistics using CCR data
  • Information about GIS (geographic information system) tools
Accessing CCR Data

CCR is committed to advancing our knowledge of cancer and is grateful for the contributions of patients, researchers, and the cancer community. Your contributions are helping to improve and extend the lives of people with cancer.