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The California Cancer Registry (CCR) would like to remind all providers and cancer care facilities that, at the time of informing patients they have been diagnosed with cancer, you are required to also inform them that their data will be reported to the CCR of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), per Health and Safety (H&S) Code Section 103885 and the California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Section 2593. H&S Code Section 103885 mandates that cancer is a reportable disease in California, and the Code of Regulations Section 2593 stipulates that “Cancer reporting facilities and physicians shall employ a mechanism to ensure that their patients are informed that cancer has been designated a reportable disease and that the facility will report each patient with cancer to the Department as required by law”. The California Code of Regulations also states that patient information sheets will be provided by CDPH to facilities and providers for the purpose of informing cancer patients about these requirements.

To assist you in this notification process, CCR has developed a new brochure, “California Cancer Reporting System: Patient Information” which contains important information that you can provide to your patients to help inform them their data will be reported to CCR and the benefits of CDPH securely receiving and tracking this data over time. CCR has also developed a poster which we hope you will display in key locations throughout your facility, which provides information for patients regarding cancer reporting in California.

We sincerely appreciate all you do for your cancer patients in our collective fight against cancer in California; you are the vital link for them in our health care system. CCR is a key component in our search for the causes and cures of cancer, and I need your help in sustaining this critical resource. You can help us in a huge way by making sure your patients have all the information they need regarding cancer reporting and research in California. To order your free copies of the brochure and poster please click on order form below.

Mark Damesyn, Dr. P.H., Chief
Chronic Disease Surveillance and Research Branch


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To download the brochure and poster or place an order for your free copies please click on the links below:

California's Cancer Reporting System: Patient Information Brochure

California's Cancer Reporting System: Patient Information Brochure Now Available in Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog and Vietnamese




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